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A little about how JPR was started...

My father started my fishing career at a very young age. Fishing at the jersey shore, mostly back bay fishing for seabass flounder porgys, and on occasion a headboat from capemay or wildwood.We always had a boat and docked in the Darby creek and fished the freshwater of Pennsylvania usually the Delaware river.

I purchased my first custom rod in 1977. Shortly after that I began to work around composite material. I learned about the manufacturing process. How it cured, how it was laid up, and how it was tested. This is the same Basic material used in fishing rods.

During that time I was getting more interested in possibly getting another custom rod built. I did a lot of research on blanks, guides, seats.ect, and decided it was time for another custom.

After going to a local builder, he was not able to help me fulfill my order. Which go me very interested in Building myself. I had done a few years of research on product. So I knew what I wanted, and had found out about a group in our area.the Tri-state Custom Rodbuilders. I decided to learn the art of custom rodbuilding. The teachers and club is made up of some of the best rodcrafters.

From that point on, I decided that custom rods were the way to go After making my own rods. There was interest from local guys wanting a better product.

So JPR RODS was formed. AT JPR RODS we are here to provide you with the BEST product that is available, at reasonable cost.

If you are looking for custom colors, custom grip lengths, Custom lengths for that special rod. All matching Rods.

Whatever Your needs we will provide, the best service, and product.

chaos fishing rods
chaos fishing rods
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chaos fishing rods