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chaos fishing rods
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Jager - OTI Saltwater Jig

New! Now with 2 assist hooks!


5 jig styles, 5 times more action!

A complete series of jigs with a huge range in action and weight to meet the demands of all conditions. Guarantees more reaction strikes from many big game species.

The laser effect finish along with glow-in-the-dark edges excites visual predators. Comes fully rigged and ready-to-fish with 2 Raptor Assist Hooks, 1 Owner Hyperwire split-ring, and 1 Heavy-duty welded ring.

Jager - OTI Saltwater Jig
Choose from 5 colors and 4 weights.


Jig Colors

Jig Weight


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chaos fishing rods
chaos fishing rods
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chaos fishing rods