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Black hole 731M penn combp

There is no ultimate togging rods as fishermen have different taste, but I can not think of any better togging rod than the Challenger Bank 731M. The rod reminds of original GLoomis rods, but it has softer tip while having tremendous lifting power for its class. This rod is good for blackfish, striped bass, yellowtail, mutton snapper. In fact, it can handle any inshore fishes. The blanks weighs only 3.8oz.

Targets: Blackfish, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Yellowtail, Big Red Fish, Light Cod or Seabass Jigging, Big Snapper

Black hole 731M penn combp
BH731M SPIN ROD with penn reel
awesome combo



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the blank is trimmer from tip for more power 

The power for all inshore fish, and cast light lures a mile
teamed with the Penn battle makes it one of the more popular combos out there today
Our Price:$479.00

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chaos fishing rods
chaos fishing rods
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chaos fishing rods