Century Sling Shot Series


The Century Sling Shot Series rods are moderate fast, crisp action rods. They are designed for long distance plugs and baits. The moderately fast action combined with a quick recovery allows for the Sling Shot series rods to have optimum performance. These rods with their maximum distance, as well as fish fighting ability make these rods a perfect match with aerodynamic plugs and bait.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

SS965, SS965C, SS1025, SS1025C, SS1145, SS1145C, SS1208, S1208C, SS1265, SS1265C, SS1267, SS1267C, SS1327, SS1327C, SS1328, SS1328C, SS1329, SS1329C, SS1449, SS1449C, SS1505, SS1505C, SS1505/5, SS1506, SS1506C, SS1560, SS1560C, SS1415