The RODgeeks X-Comp Series is a line of fishing rod blanks that was designed with a focus on inshore fishing. We have 10 different models that cover a wide range of weight ratings. Blanks in this series come in two lengths- 7’3” and 8′- and feature Moderate-Fast actions. We rate the power of these blanks on a number scale ranging from zero to 6, each corresponding to a different line weight range with zero being the lightest and 6 being the heaviest. These blanks are composites, meaning they have both carbon fiber (graphite) and fiberglass in them. This allows them to have serious power, excellent sensitivity, and be very durable. They have become known as some of the best blanks for fluke, blackfish/tog, stripers, cod, cobia, and many other popular saltwater species. Whether you’re on a party boat or private charter, these blanks will give you a rod you’ll love for the rest of your life.

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Assorted Blanks

XC730, XC731, XC732, XC733, XC734, XC735, XC802, XC803, XC804, XC805