SMOKE BOMB Ocean Arsenal


Smoke Bomb mini trolling lures. 5.5 inches long. Great for Mahi, small tuna species, bonito, bluefish, etc.

The OA Smoke Bomb is a chugger type trolling lure for speeds 3 knots and greater. Effective when positioned close to stern, way-way-back, and anywhere between. Smoke Bombs run sub-surface with a big smoke trail and an active side to side swimming motion. 5 to 7 second gulp/dive cycle. The head and skirt are free sliding on the leader so that OA trolling heads and skirts are interchangeable in any combination. Squid skirts are also easily interchanged with any 4 – 5-inch items that are sold just about everywhere. Bait strip can be added to the hook for added attraction. Heads are exceptionally tough solid urethane polymer with aluminum grommet and recessed eyes.

Standard rigging is 5ft of 80lb clear Momoi leader, black copper double crimps (two at hook), 6/0 black nickel finish 3x Mustad Hook, and stiff shrink wrap on hook shaft and leader to prevent fouling and add chafe protection.


Pink, Purple, Chartruse, Blue-Pink