40# monofilament, two wide gap hooks, two pink mylar skirts, beads, sinker snap, ball bearing swivel.

The ” Double Trouble” is designed by Dale Timmons and is a variation of the basic top and bottom, or “high low” rig. It is tied from one piece of mono with a short leadered top hook and a bottom hook with a relatively long leader. The “Double Trouble” uses classic wide gap flounder hooks that are perfect for shiners, live minnows or “Gulp” swimming mullet in r 4 or 5 inch. The rig works well when your are drifting or slow trolling and the colored skirts are an added attractant to summer flounder that feed on sight.

I often bait one hook with frozen shiners hooked through the eyes or live minnows hooked through the lips and the other with a 4 or 5 inch “Gulp” swimming mullet in white, pink, chartreuse or “salmon” red.

In the spring, I prefer to fish outgoing water with white or pink when the water is a little warmer. In the summer and fall, I prefer the last of the incoming tide and the beginning of the outgoing water with white, chartreuse and “salmon” red. As long as the water is clear you might catch a flounder.

Good luck!!


Chartruse, Pink, White, Orange