OK folks new lure, which is by no means new. Wreck Bombs! Been working on these for over two years and through more modifications than I want to think about. I am addicted to light tackle ocean jigging, and those who know me know can confirm I’ve been fishing these things hard. Wreck bombs are not Japanese “jewelry jigs” that half the world has been convinced you have to pay $20+ each. These are thoroughly tested, tough, properly balanced slow vertical jigs intended for removing seabass and flounder in particular from deep water wrecks and reefs from boats at anchor or drifting. They also regularly take bluefish and jacks. They are safe to use even in tight situations on party boats or a crowded charter because they do not wander horizontally as much as some other designs. Follow the tips in the list below.

THEY ARE OFFERED IN 2 SIZES, 105g (3.7oz) AND 200g (7oz) lure.

– All colors have UV active paint, hard coated, VMC black nickel hooks, 100lb swivels.
– Tie to either end of the jig, but regardless you must tie leader to a brass eye, not the swivel.
– Rod: Light power, fast action rod around 7ft, spinning or conventional with light braid. I recommend 15lb test braid and 2 feet of 30lb test leader. You… yes YOU need to lighten up your tackle! I regularly fish these 105g lures in well over 100ft of water and do fine.

– How to fish: Don’t bounce them like a bucktail. Drop to the bottom lift up 3 or 4 feet then slowly drop back until the jig taps the bottom, then repeat, Most hits come as you are lowering the jig. Wreck Bombs have a side to side swimming wiggle on the lift and turn to flat fall on the drop.
– Bait: Typically in the spring and fall months I never tip them with bait. In mid summer, with fish spread out, well-fed, and sometimes reluctant I take one little squid tentacle or a very tiny strip and tip the hook. That’s all you need.
Wreck Bombs are in stock..


3.7 oz, 7 oz


Green Shad, Pink, Bunker, OGB, Chartruse, Chartruse Glow